Young people enjoy life more than older people do. Do you agree or disagree?

No one can deny that all people enjoy their lives. Some people argue that older people enjoy life more than young people do. They cite that they have much experience that allows them to travel to any place and spend a good time. It is my firm belief that young people enjoy life more than older people do. I will illustrate and support my viewpoint using two reasons. First and foremost, young people have plenty of free time to make anything they want. For instance, playing football with their friends and attending summer programs or offline boot camps. Unlike older people who do not have any time to spend with their friends. Further, they are working all day to provide an enjoyable and safe life for their children. According to my experience, when my mum's friend invited her to attend her birthday, my mum refused because she was very busy and she had a lot of meetings. On the other hand, my mum let me go to the birthday to meet new friends and spend an impressive time with them. Secondly, young people have enough health to do any activities even dangerous activities. Not only do activities but also eat fast food with their friends. On the other hand, older people always suffer from atomic aches even from very simple food. For more illustration, when I was in a restaurant with my family, I and my sister ate delicious food and taste amazing ice cream. However, my parents could not eat this food because of illness. Further, they return home to eat traditional food. In a nutshell, young people have a more enjoyable and interesting life than older people. Granted, older people have a lot of skills that let them try new things, but they do not have the health or the time to spend this time or try these activities.
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