Your city has decided to build a statue or monument to honor a famous person in your country. Whom would you choose?

Russian cities and towns have various statues and monuments. They are dedicated mostly to persons from Russian history. Also, there are some specific statues, dedicated to animals or ordinary people. So, if Moscow authorities would have decided to build a monument or statue, what it can be? Honestly, my choice is quite utopic, because it cannot be realized in the near future under the existing regime. Nonetheless, I would choose not a specific person, but a group of persons. My choice is building the monument for victims of war in Ukraine. The year of 2022 is tremendous for majority of people, who are not influenced by Putin’s propaganda. This year and this war especially will always be shameful. Russian citizens need to pay respect for people, who died for nothing. They had their families, friends, and this is a great loss not only for them, but also for others Russian citizens. This is the war that nobody wanted, except for Putin and his comrades. This is the war that was not needed at all. It is also important to commemorate Ukrainian citizens, who also died for nothing. They had to protect their families, relatives and friends from Putin’s dictatorship. This conflict, which had occurred since the 2014, got to its culmination this year. We will never estimate the exact quantity of victims from both countries. Moreover, there are people who did not die, but their lives were broken or affected by this war. For example, people were arrested at peaceful anti-war strikes. This day, if you decide to come to the strike, you need to be ready for serious consequences. Fines are the lowest ones. People got up to jails just for striking for peace. I had been at strike in the first day of war. It was so scary to see how policemen cruelly beaten citizens just for asking to stop this war. Living during this war is extremely anxious, especially after the commencement of mobilization in the September 2022. Despite of your will, you can be drafted to battle in the Ukraine and battle against the Ukrainians, defending their country. That is why it needs to make this idea to be realized as soon as possible. We cannot and we will never forget this dark page of modern history.
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