Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn

There is a belief in modern teaching method that says teacher should not use one way to make student understand the lesson and there should be adaptive way for each student or class to learn. I believe that the methods that any teacher use should be motivative and sensational. Moreover, student are lazy and not do the learning for them self and they have imposed to go to school every day by their parents. If we look back to when we gone to school, we may remember only the teachers who have motivate us to I strongly stand by the side of whom believe that teacher are responsible to motivating their following paragraphs some reasons will be discussed. Most of the students are always looking for easiest way to get pass the school time and just reach to an acceptable score. This may expected from teachers to find a way that make their students vigorous and motivated. Some may determine some prize for three to five top students who reach higher score. On the other hand, change their way of teaching to motivate their student learn voluntarily and happily. I guess it does not matter what way they may use, yet I believe that each approach they will take the result would be almost identical. Adults mostly remember their funny and energetic teachers who made them love their lessons and learn something. If we look back to when we were student we always hate tough lessons but I personally memorize one of my mathematics teacher who made me love this troublesome lesson by his act of teaching and motivation word he had told us about how mathematic can be beautiful. Therefore, beside how much our teacher are encouraging in their teaching, their personalities may have play a very important roll on their students. To sum up, too many factor can have effect on people as a student to learn more effectively. One of the most significant one is the way that how teachers motivate their students to acquire a knowledge. In spit of the fact that, student have to opt to study or not, but whereas student are not mostly responsible for what should they learn teachers have to make some strategies to motivate them.
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