Nowadays many high schools and universities require students to work on projects in groups, and all members of the group receive the same grade (mark) on the project. Do you agree or disagree that giving every member of a group the same grade is a good way to evaluate students? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Currently, group work has become a prevailing grading form, but the problem of whether or not all members of the group should receive the same grade on the project has not be resolved. Personally, I believe that giving every member of a group the same grade is unfair, and it is not a good way to evaluate students. There are several reasons why I feel this way, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, although the whole group shares the same project, group members are usually assigned different types of tasks. One member may be responsible for writing a speech, another member might have to collect statistics. Difficulties of these tasks differ a lot, so the grade that each member received must be different. This is best demonstrated by my own experience. Last semester, our group was assiged a project of social investigation about consumer habits. A boy in our group received the task of interviewing, and he spent several days in a shopping mall asking people related questions. In contrast, a girl was required to search information on the Internet. At last, our teacher gave the boy a higher grade, emphasizing the complexity of his task and the huge efforts he made. All of our group members thought it fair. Beside difference in task types, each group member often regards to their own task with different attitude and, hence, fulfills their tasks with various quality. My report project one year ago is a compelling illustration of this. The writing task of each chapter was allocated to every member, and the the difficulty did not differ a lot. However, when all of us finished our own chapter, it turned out that the, due to various attitude, some chapters were writen quite well, but others were unsatisfing. It is not hard to imagine, if our teacher gave us the same grade, it would be unfair to those who wrote much more seriously. In conclusion, I agree that giving every member of a group the same grade is unreasonable. This is because the concrete task that each group member receive can differ a lot from each other, and they might regard to their own task with different attitude.
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