Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In modem times, parents learn more from their children than children learn from their parents.

Most of the 21st century child thinks that, they know a lot than their own parent. But then I personally believe that parent is great teacher ever and I feel that no one will able to replace them. There is several reason to support my own statement which I will explore in following essay. Firstly, let me talk about the value and culture. Our parents, they are so rich in value and culture. The culture of respecting the elder, showing love and care to younger one, helping and taking care of their own parent and importantly managing the family. Giving the life lesson starting from eating and drinking till walking and talking. This are the value and culture that no child could ever teach to their parent. It’s true that child can teach how to use the modern technology lesson but then we cannot compare our wants with the needs of life. Parent taught the life lesson which is necessary for one’s survivor. Moreover, parent teaches the love and care, support and sacrifices that no child can able to teach them back. Throughout their life, parent always try to support and help child to become successful person. Not only that they sacrifice whole their life to give the happy life to their child. This lesson of love, care support and sacrifice can never be compare to any lesson in the world. This lesson are vital for one to survive in challenging world. My own parent gave me everything and they kept nothing. They made me successful person and still I think I cannot compare the lesson they have taught and what I have taught them.
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