Young people nowadays are not helping their community

Some people argue that young people help their community by spreading less garbage and sometimes helping others. However, I disagree with this stance, because of the following three reasons. First of all, new generation is getting less and less altruistic because of the comfortable life they are enjoying. For example, the new generation have soft bed, good homes which gives them a sense of entitlement. In contrast, the previous generation had to work their way into buying these comfortable items. When people get things for free they think everyone has similar situation, which lead them to think that other are also having a comfortable life and no one needs help. Secondly, with the increase in the technological advancement children are spending more time in their houses. For example, the invention of video games has increased the screen time of the children. Before the invention of the video games people used to spend time with other people which helped them understand the problems that community is having and inturn help community get better. Finally, nowadays young people need something in return of the service that they have provided. For example, the society is getting materialistic and buying new things is not cheap because of which young people only work if they are getting money in return. However, this was not the case some years back, people then used to help others without demanding anything in return. This mentality dictating monetary return in favor of work has lead to decrease in communal work. As most of the communal services has no funds to give in return, and they depend on the charity done by other people. In conclusion, while some young people are still helping others most of them are not inclined towards charity, and the above three paragraphs gives the reasons for such behavior.
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