Young people enjoy life more than older people do.

Some people argue that older people enjoy more than young once because they have ear money and have freedom to use it. However, I disagree with this stance, for the following three reasons. First of all, young people have less responsibility and therefore more freedom as compared to older people because they don't have to support a family. For example, young people can try an unorthodox solution for a problem because they don't have to worry about failing. In contrast, older people cannot afford to take risk because a negative outcome can mean loss of income. People always say that money is important because it can buy happiness, but what they really mean is that money is important because it brings freedom. And freedom to do anything brings happiness in life. Secondly, people at an early stage has less needs as compared to older people. For example, children are happy even if they have a bicycle to commute. However, elder people always need more than what they have. This constant craving of wanting more leads to unhappiness. The lesser your desire is, the more happy you are. In case of young people, once they get something that they want, they truly enjoy the significance of that material. However, elder will always need something more than what they have. Finally, younger people have more time because they work less and have more energy. For example, young people only have to attend school which is seven hours a day and the remaining time is free. However, the older people have to work more than nine to ten hours a day and after that they get tired to do anything else. Having extra time is important as it helps to recharge the energy by doing leisure activities. And doing things that we love makes us happy. In conclusion, while elders have minor reasons to be happy, the above three reasons clearly show that young people are more happy.
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