Imagine that you are in a classroom or a meeting. The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect. In your opinion, which of the following is the best thing to do? 1. Interrupt and correct the mistake right away 2. Wait until the class or meeting is over and the people are gone, and then talk to the teacher or meeting leader 3. Say nothing

In meeting or classroom if teacher spoke something wrong then each student has different responses some stands up and correct the statement , some will talk after the class with teacher and some will say nothing . In my opinion , I will go after class and tell them about their mistake . I feeel this way for reasons which i will explore in this followig essay . To begin with , by doing this person will not get embrassed . Sometimes, when someone correct the person mistakes while meeting going on , then person starts feeling it like insult due to which person don't feel comfartable and can't continue whatever work they are doing . I remember when in my maths classroom my teacher spell something wrong and one student stands up and correct her statement . After that teacher starts feeling uncomfartable and stop teaching to our class . This is the first why I feel intrrupting is not good . Secondly , by talking in personal can help an individual to understand clearly about what you want to say . When you are in community sometimes a person can't get to know what you are talking about or what you are trying to say Whereas when you talk in personal person get able to understand about your opinion . For instance , last week my science teacher makes a mistake while explaining a concept and so many students were shouting at same time about mistake because of which teacher can't able to understand what they are saying but after class I told teacher about her mistake and at that time she gets know about her mistake . This is second reason for my opinion . In conclusion , I believe telling about mistake after classes or meeting gets over is better than intrrupting or saying nothing . This is because person should not feels insult and an individual gets know about mistakes very clearly .
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