Some people will say luck is more important than others say hard work.Which of this you think is better.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Both the reading passage and lecture discuss the significance of the professor appearing on the television as a guest. The former argues that such appearance is of great importance and provides three reasons for support, but the latter challenges each of the points. First of all, the author of the passage claims that the professor benefits from this appearance as it enhances the professor's importance as scholars. In contrast, the lecturer states that this appearance has a more negative impact than compared positive. Because these professors' are then labeled as entertainers rather than scholars in their community. Therefore, leading to not getting invited to meetings and social gatherings of other professors'. Secondly, the passage suggests that university is also benefited from such appearance as the ublic think more highly of these universities. However, the lecture implies that universities have negative impacts on such appearance because the time professor could use in doing research, attending to students,and conducting the eeting is used in other activities. Activities such as traveling, getting ready for the shoot,and practicing for the interview. Finally, the author states that such interviews are of great value to the audience of the television channel. But the lecturer states that such information can also be given by a T.V. reporter who is well prepared. This is because the professor gives superficial information such as background on current events or a scientific review of a movie which is not very deep or thoughtful.
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