Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People communicate with each other less than in the past because of the popularity of television. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

We live in an earth and it is critically important that to build a relationship with others. Most people thing television is a blessed in our life but I believe that sometimes it's create lot of perplexity in our modern life. I feel this way for two reason , which I will explore in the following essay. Nowadays, people are very busy doing their daily work. In addition they were not free for gossiping with others or go for a long tour because of waste time by watching movies, serial in television. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. For example, when I was a mere child than we all family members were go for a nice tour in our country whatever outside our country. It is not only enjoyable for us but also beneficial for our health. On the contrary , television killed our this valuable time and moment. Thereby we can't released our stressed and our life will be critical day by day. Secondly, This is the time when most of the people busy with to watch movie all day long ,hence those have not enough time for there family. Furthermore, They hangout with their friends by watching movie in the cinema hall, in opposite they could be share their feelings, daily complexities, problems it'[s may be a path way to solve their problems. When I was elementary student my mom go out other relatives house in the evening . Moreover, all the neighborhood share if their any problem, but this time mon watching TV on her leisure time .Thus, I don't support fully television is a blessed in our life. However, sometime many crimes depend upon on crime thriller as like people watching on the television. In conclusion, I strongly feel that even if TV is a blessing in our life but It's really a curse sometimes. Accordingly, we don't waste our whole time to watch movie otherwise we all suffer in the long run. This is because crimes are increasing day by day and people died for those genre of crimes.
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