Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points in the reading passage

The article introduces the topic of deforestation, which is the clearing and cutting down of trees in a large area. The writer says there are many benefits of deforestation. The lecturer disagrees. He says that deforestation has many consequences, and attacks all of the claims made in the reading. First, the author says that cutting down trees creates farmlands that are suitable for growing crops and raising livestock. The reading passage states that this provides more food for people and can benefit the economy. The professor believes there are flaws in the author’s position. He contends that it is not necessary to destroy rainforests for land to farm. He goes on to say that there are advanced technologies that allow for alternative ways to farm without soil. According to the writer, clearing the areas also provides residence for people to live and work in; a concern as the population continues to increase. The speaker, on the other hand, points out that deforestation displaces the animals from the forest and destroys the plants which provide us with oxygen. He feels that this long-term cost is not worth the money people can make from residential developments on the land. Also, the reading passage notes how cutting down trees is necessary for production of lumber, paper, and furniture, and that is, therefore, an important source of income for many people. The professor rebuts this argument. He says that those, who in wood cutting industry are actually paid very small wages. In fact, he claims deforestation does not benefit the workers at all, but rather the large company owners. As you can see, the author and lecturer hold very different views on deforestation.
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