Whether visiting museums should be regarded as the best way to learn about the culture of a country

Whether visiting museums should be regarded as the best way to learn about the culture of a country is of great importance to analyze, due to the fact that this issue has been a controversary for a long time. My view is that visiting museums, is indeed, the best way to know about the civilizations of a specific nation. First, the reasons of this statement are manifold, chief among which is that visiting museums is not only a way to appreciate the beauty of art, but also an ideal and effective method to understand the civilization of a state behind these items. By observing the exhibits, people could glean insights into the mindsets of inhabitants of specific periods in this country, including their beliefs, morals, ceremony and more. A great example is that, in the Chengdu Museum situated in China, the exhibitions of different motifs allow visitors to have a whole picture about the development of Chengdu in 1000 years. Each person could be astonished by the magnificent history of this city, or this nation, that is how powerful the museums are. Second, another compelling and convincing reason is that calling on museums allow people to change their perspective, placing oneself in shoes of historian or even local inhabitants, avoiding any misunderstanding. Every piece of art shown in art galleries indicates a unique story or a specific stretch of history, and by studying them, people could experience the same mindsets and emotions the local predecessors did, instead of merely reading alone. One instance will suffice to illustrate this theory. When people start at the painting in the Chengdu Museum, which tells about ordinary leisure-time life in Chengdu, artificial interpretation will recommend this specific life style exactly. Furthermore, by observing the details of the paintings, people will locate that the real mundane life in Chengdu is totally different from that in books, or that in used impression. Consequently, compared to the other way, sightseeing exhibition halls is actually desired to embrace, since the efficiency and learning about cultures form the perspectives of local residents. Based on the arguments above, I reiterate my opinion is that visiting museums is the best way to learn about the culture of a country.
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