Brazilian president statement at opening UN conference.

It is common sense that politics in Brazil is not just unstable but also a boxing arena where politicians from several different believes and parties dwell among themselves lobbing for a policy project they judge as the best one for a country at that social-historic moment. Having that in mind, I would like to express my point about our president’s last speech delivered at the opening conference o United Nations two weeks ago. In his discourse, the chief of the nation sought the seed of doubt in the diplomats’ minds about the whole electoral protocol in Brazil. His argument was neither carefully constructed about the topic nor his ideas were buttressed by real data. Armed by a flaw rhetoric, deep-rooted in false believes about ICT data, Brazil’s president tried to prove that there was an ambush being architected against him himself for not win the elections. Such statement shook the foundations of stock exchanges around the world as a snow ball.
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