Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible. other young adult prefer to live with their families as long as possible. Which of these situation do you think is better?

Some people feel that getting independence from their parents at an early age is better because they are able to make their own decision without worrying about their parents or to get privacy. However, I disagree with this stance for the following three reasons. First of all, staying with parents can be beneficial because this helps children save money at an early stage of life. For example, they don't have to pay for rent or meals which can help them increase their savings. Because people tend to earn less at such an initial stage of their life, saving money can get difficult, and saving at an early stage is important because early saving means more funds for the future, so the earlier you start saving money the better it is for yourself as it will help you have a better life. Second, staying with parents can help children avoid making negative decisions. For example, teenagers tend to party more as compare to using their time effectively. If they stay with their parents they can avoid these decisions because their parents will constantly remind them of their wrong doing, on the other hand people who stay alone have no one to guide them which can lead to bad decisions and detrimental consequences of their actions. This is not the case with the grownups because they already have the habit or a sense of right and wrong which stops them from making unhealthy decision. Finally, staying for a long time at an early stage with parents can lead to a strong connection even after moving out. For example, people who spent more time in their hometown tend to visit it more as compared to people who have left their hometown at an early age. Similar is the case with parents. This is important because as children need their parents when they are small, so does the parents need their children when they grow old. But without a strong connection children do not feel a need to take care of their parents.
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