Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should be paid according to how much their students learn.

It was commonly said, Teachers are a second parent for children. Teachers not only teach academics in school but also play a major role in instilling a value system in children. Teachers renumeration has been a topic of much debate in the recent past. Howerver, I would like to state that I disagree that teachers should be paid according to how much their students learn. I would like to explain my opinion with the following points. Firstly, the relation between a student and a teacher a lifelong bond and should not be consumerised with money. I am personally still in touch with my high school teachers and will remember what they have taught me. A teacher should teach each and every student to their maximum potential with personalised attention but quantifying how much the student learns to how much the teacher will earn complicates the whole education system. This type of system for teachers pay will add excess undue pressure on students to perform well as well on teachers. Another important point to consider is each student is different and how much a student grasps a particular topic can be dependent on their intellectual ability, concentration as well as effort. Each student is deifferent, some may outperform in sports while some in science. Whereas all teachers teach students all subjects. Thus the teacher cannot be held solely responsible for how much a student learns. A teacher who is employed in school also is resposible for other administrative tasks such as organising clubs, plays, sports events etc. Thus pair pay should be ensured and they need to be paid well for their time. I would like to say in conclusion that teacher serve a bigger purpose than producing results which cannot be quantified linearly as just how much a student learns and hence need to be pai fairly irrespective.
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