Your local government has just recently received a large donation from an anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agrees that the money should be invested in building a new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? - Build a public library - Build a public park - Build a public pool Use specific reasons and examples to support your essay. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

Our local government has received a large donation from an anonymous donor for us to improve the community and now we have to choose if we prefer to build a public library, public park or a public pool. In my opinion, the best for our community would be to build a public park for two reasons. First, a park is the best place to meet people and, second, a park is a place where it is possible to practice a large diversity of activities. In the first place if you are in a park you will probably see a lot of people in a same place and probably you will meet someone and nowadays, mainly after the pandemic time, it is necessary we try to make more friends than ever, because we have lost some friends for a lot of reasons and now it is necessary to interact with other persons. For instance, some years ago I was in a park and I had just gone there to think about my life and read a book. In my mind I did not have the intention of meeting anyone but a girl came to me and asked me about my book. She wanted to know which book was that because the book cover drew her attention. The book was an especial edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and the girl had read it before but she had never seen that edition, then we started talking about Harry Potter and she told me that she had read all those books of Harry Potter’s saga, so we exchanged our numbers and started talking to each other since then. Nowadays we are still friends. Going back to my supporting for using the donated money to build a park, when we go to that kind of place, it is always possible to do lots of activities since going to read a book to going to run, thus it makes a park a perfect place for a community because we can fight against some diseases like obesity for example only doing campaigns to influence everybody to practice exercises in the park and this would not only make our community healthier but also anyone would feel better in the old age. For instance, a long time ago my grandfather, when he was only a tennager, started practicing jogging outdoors in a park every day and he has never stopped, he still feels the healthy benefits at his 97 years old, but his friends who never like to practice sports are not like him because they started to be weak earlier than him and probably it was because they do not practice sports. In conclusion, building a park would be the best investment for the reasons described earlier and everybody knows if a park would be built the community would enjoy it more than the other options because if we build a library all the data show us the public of readers are getting down and if we build a pool it would only be used in summer so a half of the year it would not have use only spending public cash to maintain that, so the park is the best investment.
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