Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points in the reading passage

The lecturer talks about a danger of cutting off many areas of forests and especially rainforests. He says that in the contrast to the passage there are no positive consequences of mindless cutting of trees. Nowadays deforestation is a real problem because of increasing population and development of new technologies. The professor disagrees to the statements of the article in the following reasons. First, usage of clear areas for planting crops and raising livestock. The professor says that long term consequences of deforestaition are tremendous. The speaker gives an example of Brazil where 60 % of rainforests had been cut and the land was not used to plant crops or fore livestock. In other words, the professor disagrees to the point of the article that free areas of land can be used for farming. Second, more money to regional economy from investors. The passage says that investors buy land that is beneficial to economy. The professor is convinced that both deforestation and further development of areas including building houses will destroy nature, animals, insects, flora. Third, more money for people living on the area. The professor disagree with the passage’s point of increasing money in local economies. He argues that money will come to wealthy people not to the poor ones. New jobs created are dangerous jobs at developing economies.
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