Summarize the points made in the lecture you just herd, explaining how they cast doubt on the points made in the reading passage

Grouping people in a team is that usual in companies to organize people to perform specific tasks. The passage argues that a team of people has several advantages in comparison to individuals. The professor is convinced that working in a team is not always a good idea. The professor gives the following reasons. First reason, the professor points out that in a team there are situations when a team shows a good result but an individual does not contribute to the job. In addition, there are situations when an individual gives ideas to the group but these ideas are considered as common. For example, this can demotivate someone who offered brilliant idea but this idea would be considered as a group’s. Second reason, groups require more time to rich consensus, and to find an ideal solution. For example, company would take many useless meetings to find a better decision but will not find a way to move along. Another reason that the professor states is that some people are more influential than others so other members of a team would listen to this person. The professor gives an example, when a person says: “It is a good idea” to the idea that is not so good and a team starts to perform this idea and that will never work. In contrast, if the person says: “It is a bad idea” for creative idea that worth to be realized but no one will develop this idea. In conclusion, the professor disagrees to the idea that working in a team gives a chance to shine.
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