Summarize the main point in the reading passage and explain how they are strengthened by the information presented in the lecture. Write on your computer or on a seperate piece of paper.

The reading and speaker state that learning and teaching methods in the school, equipped with computer technology, are a lot benefits to students. However, both also believe that to get these benefits as much as possible, teachers must understand how to use technology to teach students during classes. First, the reading supports the idea that technology must be integrated to student classes because it provides students in numerous learning tools, trying to learn in various learning style, getting information in the ways they can understand simply, increasing teacher’s knowledge broadly and connecting with people around the world. However, the speaker explains that teacher’s training systems for using computer is not suitable and effective. The survey expresses that the contents of the training course are inappropriate, for example, improper lessons and insufficient training period. Second, the reading reports that there is a study which the teachers who attend to proper training and use resources with students in a correct way. Therefore, students achieve high scores of the test. In addition, the speaker also confirms with a survey that good training of teachers makes a positive impact to student’s study by comparison between test scores of attending and not attending students to computer-based classes. Consequently, the attending students score higher than another. Finally, both of reading and speaker suggest that teacher training courses for applying computer technology for teaching must pay a lot of attention to ensure their understanding about how to use it and students can get the knowledge as much as they should including course details.
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