do you believe this statement it is better to have lots of different friends than it is to have just a few friends?

Actually, having different friends is advantageous and important to everyone, that`s why I extremely(strongly) believe this statement it is better to have lots of different friends than it is to have just a few friends. First of all, having different friends helps us to know how to deal with people with several personalities may be cultures if they are from different countries than you. In addition to learning new perspectives thoughts, and unique opinions. As a result, this will help you in dealing with people at work and understanding things from other aspects which may help you in solving a problem. But if you have a limited number of friends, this will restrict your thoughts, and your way of thinking, and limit your ability to deal with different people. Moreover, trying to have lots of friends may result in knowing important people in different businesses who can offer any help or favor to you. So it is certainly clear that this provides you with great opportunities such as finding a job or solving any problem you have and much more different things. On the other hand, having a few friends will decrease your business contacts with people who can benefit you in many different things that affect your practical life. this is another good reason for having different friends. Drawn from my own experience, having more friends is important in facing troubles. if you have any big problem and don`t know what to do, your friends will help you and try to find an effective solution. they also can support you to feel happy and satisfied when you are sad, or they can assist you while moving to another house. All this can not be done by a few friends. In conclusion, having lots of different friends allows us to learn more, develop ourselves, find opportunities, and be happy.
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