your friend wants to lose weight. what advice would you give to your friend and why?

Indeed, losing substance is considered a challenge for many people because they find it difficult to be committed to a specific diet for a long period of time. In order to have an effective regimen and lose much weight, they should be patient and have perseverance, so that they can reach their goal. If I had to advise my friend because he wants to lose weight, I would recommend he follow a nutritionist, reduce sugars, and do exercises. First of all, the most essential advice for anyone who wants to lose substance is to follow a nutritionist. Because they have tons of information and tips as they spend years of their life learning about this field so they have different strategies for every person according to their body. For example, my brother wanted to lose density last year. He tried many times to do it, but nothing happened. Some days he decreased the amount of food he eats every day, while other days he tried different strategies from online resources such as YouTube. He did not know which one could benefit him more or fit his body, thus he stayed the same load and did not reach his goal. If he had followed a nutritionist, he would have succeeded. Moreover, reducing the sugars or cutting down all the bad ones is important to a healthy diet. These sugars included cakes, biscuits, cookies, candy, and most of the delicious desserts that we love. Eating too much of these sweets has many adverse consequences for our bodies in addition, it makes people addicted to it and want to eat big amounts every day. So to make it easy for people to reduce it they can use alternative sugar such as honey or black chocolate to make healthy desserts suitable for their diet. In addition to pointing out target days without any sugars and making awards for themselves. I remember when my brother tried to use this way to stop eating sugars, and indeed, he could stay 5 days without eating any sugars after he was addicted to them. Finally, doing exercises daily is significant to lose pressure because it helps our bodies to burn fats and be more active. One can do exercises at the GYM or run 5 Km every day or even do different cardio at home. Drown from my experience, I used to do exercises every day for a month. As a result, it helped me a lot to manage my heft besides making me active and not tired from doing it or walking for a long space. In conclusion, making a healthy diet and losing weight requires people to be patient and fulfill all the commands that their doctors or nutritionist said, in addition to cutting down all harmful sugars and doing exercises always. so, they will achieve their targets and reach the best shape.
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