Students who are given grades work harder than those who do not. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

To begin with, it should be emphasized that every student should keep their shoulders at the wheel while they are at school. From my perspective, teachers should take the responsibility to motivate their students to achieve their educational goals by giving them grades. I feel this way because of two significant reasons that I will present in the following essay. Firstly, the grading system assists students to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses in a number of subjects delivered at school. Furthermore, it allows them to evaluate their progress and in case of necessity to make contact with their professors and receive advice to recreate a well-structured educational plan. to that end, I have to admit that my view on this specific matter has profoundly been influenced by my own experience. When I was in middle school, I used to receive the lowest grade in Math class which affected my entire semester’s progress and made me feel frustrated. Hence, my professor recommended partaking in additional courses about graphing linear equations and fractions. It had barely been two months since I hit the level I wished thanks to my professor’s intricate guidance. Secondly, grades motivate students because they are considered to be one of the primary ways to determine who is the most intelligent in the group. Some people think that it may result in bullying among students or cause stress and anxiety. However, I firmly believe that sound competition between students stimulates their aspiration to work hard and conquer the trophy of being the best among their coursemates. An incident from my college years comes to validate the above-mentioned idea. In my freshman year, there was a literature course that was evaluated with a “pass” and “fail” system. The majority of the students including me prepared for the exam quite halfheartedly. On contrary, when I took the same subject in my junior years, I spent the day in, and day out in a library reading various fiction books and articles so that I could show my professors my keen interest in the subject and prove my intellectual superiority to my classmates. In conclusion, I firmly believe that the grading system is students’ best friend because it allows them to work hard to prove their ability to learn new things and it is another way to distinguish themselves from their pairs.
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