When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.

I disagree with this statement and there are several reasons for it. First, we need luck when the situation is carried by a random chance. For example, when we have to choose at random, sometimes I have to be first, and sometimes I have to be last to get an advantage. In that case, if we can be lucky, then we can do many things fordable. So that we can succeed with some plans easily by getting lucky results. Second, we need a lot of money to succeed. When we start a project, we need materials and money to prepare them. And also when we are adults, we need a lot of money to get some big deals and investments. And we need it to be safe from economic danger. At that time, if we have luck, we are likewise being rich from birth. But that is abnormal so we need a lot of luck. And if we are not rich from birth, we have to do a small job or a part-time job to make money, we need luck to get a choice there, and we need the luck to get the money reasonably on time. Third, if luck doesn't help us in success, it means only we've done everythin . But if we really take care of everything ourselves, we can't succeed. As I said earlier, we need good luck in so many situations. Realistically, luck can't always come along, but with basic luck, we can take every step of the way. And those steps gather and lead to success. We can’t have the will of many people alone in a place where many communities are gathered. So we need luck because it is an area that we cannot invade, and through that luck, we will ensure that business and planning through our community are carried out without a hitch. Like these, there are lots of things we can’t do without luck so we need the luck to succeed and that’s why I disagree with this statement.
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