Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People benefit more from traveling in their own country than from traveling to foreign countries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In my opinion, traveling to ferign countries, can be really beneficial for people who want to develop their worldview. Traveling to foreign countries will give a huge chance to gain new friendships. They will be very useful to find out solutions for their issues. Traveling to foreign countries will also develop people's foreign language skills. First of all, traveling to foreign countries will enhance people's worldview by attending concerts, museums libraries and other cultural sites. In my case, when I was in Vienna, I was honoured to visit Mozart's museum. It was really astonishing to me and I was really impressed. I gained many new friends and I am still keep in touch with them. For example, when I was traveling to Croatia, I introduced with their unique culture. We stayed near the Adriatic sea. Although it was the February and the water in the sea was too cold, I swam in the sea. It was really crazy from me! Secondly, traveling also develops my worldview in different spheres of life. I was stunned and impressed by the beauty of the great library of Washington. It is one of the most impressive and best libraries in the world for me. That traveling to thr USA was the most happiest and breathtaking experience in my life. I also developed my English skills by communicating with native people. In conclusion, traveling to foreign countries is the most impressive and greatest experience for me. I cannot imagine my life without traveling to foreign countries. It is really keeps my life with full of great emotions and memories.
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