Some people say that the best preparation for life is learning to work with others and be cooperative. Others take the opposite view and say that learning to be competitive is the best preparation. Discuss these positions, using concrete examples of both. Tell which one you agree with and explain why.

There has been a long-term debate on the topic of whether it is better for life to learn to work with others and be cooperative or to work alone and be competitive. In my opinion, I highly believe that in today's world one should always work in a group rather than working alone. I have two reasons to support my choice which I will explain in the following paragraphs. Firstly, working in a group increases the value of the project. When we are in a team, all the members are free to give their ideas and advice on a particular topic, which can improve the quality of work. For example, working as a team, for a particular project in an advertising agency can increase the creative content of the assignment by mixing up all the innovative ideas from the group members. This, in turn, can lead to a super popular advertisement, thus increasing the brand value of the company and providing it with more profit. Moreover, while working in a group workloads can be divided. Current research at Harvard University shows that 4 out of every 10 people suffer from depression and anxiety due to excessive work pressure. Such workloads can be brushed off easily by working cooperatively in a group. Secondly, while we work in a group with others, it can boost up our moral values and can help us in character development. This is because working in a group forces us to listen to others more, rather than just stating our own point. Cooperation and temperament control is the key to working peacefully in a group. For instance, it may happen that a team member is very much annoying and problematic. But being a fellow member it will be my duty to have patience and get the work done by him or her. Furthermore, working with others makes us learn how to communicate effectively and increases our confidence. In conclusion, I strongly believe we should always work in a group. It may happen that all the workers are not on the same page, but the work experience and personal development that we will gain from it will be a lifetime lesson for us.
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