Governments should spend more money in support of the arts than in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams.

No one can deny that spending money on both arts and athletics is extremely important. Some people argue that spending more money in support of the arts should be encouraged more than spending money in support of athletics. They cite that arts will help our city to be more beautiful by drawing amazing drawings on the walls. But from my perspective, I prefer boasting athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams. It is my firm belief that sports should be our main focus. I will support my viewpoints with three reasons. First and foremost, all countries compete with each other in sports. For example, they reward athletic winners all over the world, and this increases the position of the winner's country. Thus, this can help Egypt to be distinguished in some sports hence, this will increase the position of Egypt all over the world. Further, this will make other countries unable to attack Egypt for instance, starting wars. secondly, supporting athletics is an excellent way to develop trust and loyalty between countries. Furthermore, creating new bonds and friendships between nations. For instance, when other countries saw the loyalty of Mohammed Salah during the match, all the world trust Egypt and it keeps on playing other matches against us. Finally, Olympic games help our country to increase its economy. Not only increasing the economy from sponsors but also the prizes of the Olympic games are very expensive. Besides, this helped to increase the income of Egypt and facilitate exchanges between nations. However, we can use this income to develop employment by providing plenty of jobs. Also, improve the infrastructure and the trade as well. In a nutshell, athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams will achieve success in all fields. Granted, preparing for these games will take much time but this will back huge income to improve new things in our country.
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