Imagine that you are in a classroom or a meeting. The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect. In your opinion, which of the following is the best thing to do? — Interrupt and correct the mistake right away. — Wait until the class or meeting is over and the people are gone, and then talk to the teacher or meeting leader. — Say nothing. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is axiomatic that in today's hectic world, having information in multiple specialties is almost impossible and people can easily make mistake by recieving wrong information. In this regard, since all humans are error-prone, it is likely professors make incorrect declarations in the classroom and lead the students to the wrong directions. By considering this, I firmly believe that correcting the teachers' mistakes at the moment they make one is the most effective way to behave in the classroom. I explore my reasons in what follows. First, correcting a false anouncement in the classroom can prevent students from recieving misleading information and they won't have trouble in higher level of education or their professional careers. It is well-known that students tend to believe what their teachers says and accept it as a true fact. On this account, most students don't give the possibility that the information given by the lecturer may be wrong. Under such a circumstance, correcting the teachers' mistakes at the moment they make, is of great importance to notify the students that information is wrong. If no one corrects a professor's mistake in front of heir classmates, students put their subsequent knowledge based on incorrect basis. In the long run, they'll face problems in their future work. The point is correction of mistakes as soon as they happen, gives the chance to students to don't put their future knowledge based on false information. Second, correcting a teacher's mistake right away during the lecture, makes the lecturer to be cautious when declaring a statement, and they try making themselves ready enough for the class. Undoubtedly, having an expand knowledge in a specific field requires hardworking and allocating time to studying. Since allocating time for obtaining knowledge from different resource diminishes the chance of making mistakes, it is essential for a lecturer to spend enough time for reading the material of the course multiple times. With this in mind, because professors don't enjoy to be notorious withvmaking too many mistakes, they try to make the least possible mistake by spending enough time on making the lectures ready before the classroom. As an illustration, by reading more and trying to obtain state-of-the-art information, they make themselve ready for fewer mistakes. As a result, they will be more trustworthy in their field. This means that making ones' mistakes correct in front of others, leads to a situation in which the lecturer don't make an anouncement out of thin air. In conclusion, correcting ones mistake at the moment they make is the most important method to notice the lecturer. This is becuase, it prevents studetns to base their knowledge on false information. Another reason is that, it causes that lecturers allocate enough time for making themselves ready before the classroom.
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