Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea?

Many parents are now considering how to motivate their children in their studies. What could help their children focus more? Are there any effective methods that could encourage them to get higher test scores? In my opinion, offering them money for each high grade could help them commit to their studies because it could effectively inspire them to use their money and time for higher marks. In the beginning, monetary incentives could help children study harder. They are more likely to make efforts to purchase what they desire. In my case, I always tried to get good scores when I was an elementary school student. The desire to get tiny allowances for monthly magazines encouraged me to improve my grades. As a result, this monetary incentive allowed me to overcome my weak subject, Japanese, and improve my overall test scores. Indeed, high mark bonuses could help children focus on their learnings. Moreover, allowances for good grades could allow children to use their money helpful with their studies. This practice could create a virtuous cycle of improving grades: they could invest their money in textbooks and other study materials to be more intelligent and increase their cash. For instance, bonuses aided my sister in passing her first-choice university. Whenever she got high makes, she utilized her allowances to purchase workbooks to get higher scores. This habit enabled her to study harder for the entrance exam and gain extra money. Indeed, money could motivate children to invest their money in getting high marks. Furthermore, monetary prize could allow children to use their precious time for studies. They would not need to take a part-time job if they got enough money by getting high grades. For instance, good grade bounces aided me in concentrating on my studies. Since I could receive enough money for textbooks and sometimes hangouts, I did not engage in part-time jobs to earn money. This condition encouraged me to raise my school grades. This personal episode shows that monetary offerings for high marks could encourage children to devote themselves to their studies. In conclusion, monetary incentives could help children dedicate themselves to their studies. They are more likely to utilize their valuable money and time to be smarter. If you are considering how to motivate your children, I recommend starting to offer them money for each high score. EDITED
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