government officials should rely on their own judgement rather than on questioningly carry out the will of the people they serve

In the minds of the tycoons, monarchs, and many kings, people are not allowed to interfere in the daily operations of their governments. However, in the minds of the majority of countries, introducing democracy into their countries is the goal. We will dive deeply into this important aspect of any society to find out what is the light of any country's path. In a democratic state such as country A, it is very difficult for a government to be corrupt because there are so many checks and balances that prevent this from happening. In a less democratic state such as country B, it is much easier for corruption to occur because there is no way to keep an eye on everything that goes on within that country's borders. In democracies such as country A, elections take place every 4 years where citizens can vote for their leaders who then make decisions based on what they believe best serves their needs. In dictatorships such as country B, leaders are chosen by either force or election but they have no say over what happens next which makes them incredibly vulnerable to corruption since they cannot plan ahead or control how things turn out.
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