Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they respond to the specific points made in the reading passage.

Battling malaria is pretty hard when its come to find a solution that not harm enviroment and affetiviness of solution. Most of the strategy's that explain in this passage has pros and cons. The techniquies that can not cure malaria is pretty unaffective. I will disscues this techniquies downsides and pros in 3 main parts of my essay. First of all, treating any parasite with poweful prescription medicines is not sustainable. Like any organisms parasites can evolve too, they change their ssDNA, dsDNA, ssRNA or dsRNA and they change their power of fighting against this medicines too. So is it completly unaffective that we try to treat malari patients whit powerful drugs? Absolutly not. Let's say we have a patient that do not use any treatment for malira and have a first parental type of cureable malarie type 1 disease. Giving this patient medicines is pretty genius and sustainble because, the parasites that he have do not face to face any of our medicines so they can not evolve quickly and by %80 chance we can save this patient. The downside of this techniquie is that by time this parasite can evolve and our medicines lose their effectivines, by dealing with this problem scientist suggest to use coctail method. With this method we have still have a chance to treat patients that have a immunity to our drugs. Second of all, killing mosquitoes with chemical spray's is so harmful and useless beacause this chemicals do not go anywhere they say in our nature and for treating any issue we shall not create another with our hands. It's useless because there is a lot of adult mosquitoes that profressor say in listening part, how can we %100 sure that all of them die? Basic answer we can't. Thirt of all, I study biology and when I read that technique in Campbell Biology book I was so mesmeraized. With this technique we do not harm any species, any habitat, and most importantly we do not let off chemicals go to the nature. As proffesor says, female mosquitoes has a preferences when its come to the reproduce. By harming this signals females rejects male strelie mosquitos, by the time their population max calibration decrease and finallay they go to the point 0. In scientific animal behavior principalsi animals under no circumstandars they produce with another animal that does not belong to their familya or has no signals to proce espacillay females are so selactive in this concept, in my personal opinion they see sterile males invisible.
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