Describe a fear you had to overcome. How did you overcome it?

One of my greatest fears for a very long time has been heights. Climbing to an extremely high altitude and the fear of loosing grip or slipping down are the two main reasons why heights have always been one of my greatest fears. However, over time I was able to overcome my fear by engaging in various activities. During my summer camp when I was eleven year's old, rock climbing was the favourite outdoor activity that had fascinated all the children. The camp that I had visited was in the valleys and the rocks on the top overlooked a magnificent waterfall. I was desperate to see the views of the waterfall. I knew the rocks were extremely high above and it scared me but then I thought to myself if all the other kids can do it, then even I can do it. Rock climbing was the first baby step that I took in order to overcome my fear of heights and honestly it was one of the best decisions I made as the views from above were surreal and unforgettable. The second turning point in my life was when I decided to go Zip-lining during my college summer camp. Apart from heights this involved sliding on a rope between two poles that were miles apart. I've always enjoyed fast rides at amusement parks, so I thought to myself if I imagine this to be a normal ride on land then maybe I'd actually be able to go Zip-lining. By ensuring the right mind-set I successfully zip-lined across two poles at a whopping height of 1000ft at a speed of thirty kilometres per hour. Lastly, when I went to New York I couldn't resist leaving the city without views from above as I had seen several photos on the internet of the spectacular views from the "Empire State Building." When I entered the building the stunning pictures that were clicked by several famous artists motivated me to go all the way to the eighty sixth floor to help me actually visualize all the photos in real life. This was by far the highest altitude I've climbed and one of my best decision's. Therefore, I realized by ensuring the right mindset and motivation it is possible for me to overcome not just heights but any fear or challenge. Today I can boldly say I am not afraid of heights anymore and honestly the views from above are totally worth making the climb all the way to the top.
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