Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is axiomatic that in todays’s information era, people are swamped with a pile of data regarding a particular subject. In general, people are more inclined to use those sorts of resources that provide them with quick and on-point responses. With this in mind, I disagree with this belief that museums act as the best resource to exhibit the facts about a country. To begin with, The information we receive from visiting a museum, is very limited compared to the time we spend to explore it thoroughly. As is obvious to anyone, people are busier nowadays and have more hectic schedules than before. Under such a circumstance, they prefer having access to a wide spectrum of information by dedicating the least amount of time. When folks visit a country as tourists, they want to make the most out of their stay by giving a try to diverse experiences, so they are probably reluctant to spend much time on a single task or site. If they are curious about an unfamiliar topic, they can easily check it out on the internet and update themselves in a blink of an eye. The point is that there are faster and more clear-cut approaches to gain insight into a land, rather than visiting museums in exchange for a handful of data. Moreover, the information demonstrated by elements of a museum are usually out-of-date and don’t accurately reflect a nation’s contemporary culture. It is well-known that the traditions and lifestyle of societies are subject to a rapid alteration. The human beings exhibit more inclination and enthusiasm toward the societies’ ongoing events and recent changes that a nation undergoes. Since these sorts of phenomena arise from the streets, social gatherings and the heart of people’s daily lives, those who are interested have to immerse themselves in the native’s casual life and observe the behavior of populations. This means that museums are a collection of objectively-selected items that barely contain useful data applicable to the whole folks. In conclusion, museums are not the best site to learn about a nation. This is because gaining sufficient information from a museum requires a great deal of time which doesn’t correspond to modern human’s speedy life. Another reason is that the museums don't manifest a comprehensive perspective about every aspect of a nation’s way of life.
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