Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship.

There are various different opinions available on whether it is in best interest to be always truthful in any relationship. I do agree with the statement given in the prompt. There are two main reasons behind it and I will attempt to elaborate more on them in following paragraphs. Firstly, in any relationship honesty plays a very crucial role. There is even a saying that almost everyone in the world knows, "Honesty is the best policy". If any relationship is devoid of honesty, it will lead to complex maze of indefinite amount of lies. In the end both of the individuals would just be deceiving each other. One such example can help us shed some light on the topic. Supposedly there are two friends who have decided to prepare for graduate exams together. They have planned to practice and grade each other and later provide with a feedback about how the other friend is performing. Now because of greed that the other person should not improve or because of the reluctance that the honest feedback might hurt the feelings of the other person, if any one of the two friends lies would actually cause distrust among them. This is because even at current moment, the other person does not realise that he is making the mistake but later when the result of the main exam will be announced, he would understand that he/she is deceived and thereby will never forgive the other person. Such experiences can even cause people to always be hostile towards another person. Secondly, in some very serious relationship like parent-child, husband-wife, siblings, etc. always telling the truth is very significant, according to me. One of the reason behind this is that, in such relationships we generally have a blind trust over the other person. An example will help us understand this more properly. For example, many times sibling lend each other money, if and when required. But sometimes such transactions are laced with dishonesty and exploitation of the other parties trust. The sibling borrowing the money uses it for some other purpose and when asked to return, he/she might present an excuse as to why the money can't be returned, even though there were immense exchanges of promises between the two parties. Sometimes a person from the family is addicted to gambling and until it is too late. Such instances of dishonesty not only creates a distrust between the family members but also ruins the relationship between the individuals completely. In conclusion, I do stand that in any relationship always conveying the truth, plays a pivotal role. Any incident that displays dishonesty has the power to turn the relationship bitter and make the individuals hostile, to each other, at very least.
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