Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In my country, young people have better lives than their parents had when they were young

The World is always changing and the revolution occurred in the world. Also, the generation of human always changeable. There are many changes occurred in the society between the past and present. In my opinion, I agree with the prompt for two the following reasons, that’s are given bellow: Firstly, Nowadays, the world is technologically developed and advanced in communication in everywhere. In the past the people did not got the developed and advanced World, that’s why they can’t communicate properly and live relax. So the past people didn’t use the luxurious life. For example, we can communicate all over the world within few seconds by video or audio calls and we can use modern computer facilities all sections of our daily life. Then we can research for better discover by using this modern technology, on the other hand the past people didn’t get this. Secondly, recent days we can use air-conditions and advanced locker systems in our home, but in the past people, they didn’t use that. We can use the electricity by different purpose and develop our society and live a better life. For instance, In our home we can use fan, air-conditions and other electric elements by using current, but in the past people didn’t get this type of facilities. Now, we can live more better life than the past guys. Now, we develop more better components that can easy to live our daily life. So, the present days so beautiful tan the past. Conclusion, In our country, the recent days are really so beautiful and easy to life than the past people life. In the future we can expect that we can innovate new technology and advanced instrument that can help us to easy live in the world
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