Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past it was easier to identify what type of career or job would lead to a secure, successful future. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Many people are struggling to secure their future these days than in the past. What has affected the security of getting a job? Are there factors that could have affected their stability? In my opinion, globalization, digitalization, and COVID-19 make it hard for people to identify what type of career would lead to a stable and prosperous future. In the beginning, economic globalization could destabilize our employment. Harsh global competition could fire more workers in developed countries and exploit cheap labor forces in developing countries. For instance, one of the Japanese first-line fast-fashion companies, Unique, hired many Japanese employees in their factory. As Chinese or other Asian companies sold cheaper clothing, they began to resort to a reasonable Asian labor force to defeat them. This management practice contributed to the iring of many Japanese staff. This example shows that competitive economic globalization could deprive us of job security. Furthermore, our job security could fluctuate with digitalization. The advent of the Internet and high IT services has destroyed many jobs. For instance, one of the major Japanese publishers went bankrupt because Amazon and the other e-commerce companies lured their main customers. Now they think Internet shopping is so convenient that they purchase books online. In addition, these Internet giants deprive customers of grocery and shopping malls, resulting in losing many employments. Indeed, Internet services could make our future cloudy. Moreover, COVID-19 and other novel infectious diseases could make our future insecure. They could slow down the pace of economic development and raise unemployment. For instance, COVID-19 hugely damaged the Japanese economy, especially the restaurant sector. The government prioritized protecting its citizens over the economy. The state of emergency forced many restaurants to close for six months without enough warrants. This practice declined the profits of many restaurants, and they went off business. Indeed, new diseases could deteriorate our future security. In conclusion, our future could be more fluctuating than in the past. We are more likely to deal with profound issues regarding economic globalization, Advanced Internet technologies, and new diseases. If you attempt to improve your life security, I recommend treating these problems first.
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