Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cell phone, online games, and social networking Web site. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I do not agree that educating children is more difficult than it used to be. In fact, I would say that educating children has never been easier. It is true that children spend a lot of time on their phones, playing games and on social media websites. However, these things could actually be a tool of education. There are tons of educational online games that can be used to make concepts easy, especially in case of science and math. Social media can be used to form study groups. Cell phones can be addicting, but they can also be used for educational purposes. It must also be noted that education is not just about the subjects in school, but rather about how to function as a member of society. The Internet is not something that will go away anytime soon and children must be educated regarding its benefits and perils. Before cell phones were widely available, teachers had to rely on traditional means of education. While some children are able to learn very well in such environments, others are not. Nowadays, due to the availability of various means of communication, education can be tailored to each and every child. It is true that children can be obsessed with their phones and ignore their education, often playing online games for hours or scrolling through social media. However, it is up to the teachers and parents to inform the children regarding the dangers associated with these things. Blaming cell phones and social media for problems with educating children is not beneficial. Ultimately, teachers and parents, and the society at large is responsible for educating children and the lack of education cannot be blamed on cell phones.
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