Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? After completing high school, students should take at least a year off to work or travel before they begin studying at a university.

Most people believe they should explore the world, be adventurous, and be passionate about experiencing new Ideas. I agree with the statement that after graduating high school and before starting the bachelor of science in university, you should take a year off and be excited about knowing the world around you by working or traveling. I think this way for several reasons, which I will discuss in this essay. To begin with, it is generally accepted that teenagers are on their own after they become 18 years old. Hence, before starting the new discipline, they might have to know themselves better than they already do. They need to cope with new situations that they may not be prepared for. It is also essential to get accustomed to thinking and deciding what to do without the help of others, especially their parents. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. After graduating high school, I took the year off and traveled alone. My parents only paid me for tickets and a staying fee at the destination for only two weeks, and I was responsible for the rest of the 50 weeks. I enjoyed my stay by sightseeing and enjoying the city as a pedestrian. I almost visit every historical monument there. Then I started working as a waiter, where I learned how to cook. After a couple of months, I worked in the kitchen for a higher wage. Furthermore, self-love is what they need to maintain and also extend. Therefore, they need to start reading books and thinking about their desires. Teenagers can spend most of their time reading with no academic purposes, reading the books they have freely chosen. In this case, they would be capable of understanding the consequences of their thoughts, which they probably will learn by reading several books. However, this should not be interpreted as an encouragement to praise solitude and to be distant from other human beings, although it can be helpful occasionally. For instance, from my perspective, everybody must spend some time without any distractions and try to strengthen their relationships with their own. In conclusion, I strongly feel that a time dedicated to your own is well-spent. This is because understanding your role in your life is critical, and knowing how to love yourself is another reason you better take a year off.
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