Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many people are struggling to improve the environment these days. Are there factors that could deteriorate our green planet? In my opinion, agriculture, our economic activities, and our daily activities could make the earth worse for living. In the beginning, farming could deteriorate our environment. As the population rises, many farmers have resorted to modern techniques such as chemical fertilizer, causing water pollution. In addition, cutting forests for farming land has caused air pollution. In China, for example, using pesticides has worsened the citizens' health there. The more they eat vegetables and drink water affected by the agricultural practice, the more they get cancer and other severe diseases. Indeed, farming practices could worsen our lives. Moreover, economic activities could destroy our living. Air and water pollution caused by manufactury industries have caused many health problems worldwide. For instance, in Britain, many people suffered from asthma during the industrial revolution. Also, many Japanese people got severe rheumatic disease because the government prioritized economic advancement over protecting the environment and citizens' health. This example shows that many economic activities have deteriorated our living environments. Furthermore, our daily activities could pollute our environment. Nowadays, our lives rely on electricity and gasoline, contributing to global warming. In my case, I drive my car every day. This habit emits CO2 and increases the global temperature. If many people continue such a habitat, we are more likely to face environmental problems such as rising sea levels and losing land for a living. Thus, our daily life activities could worsen our environment. In conclusion, our current lifestyle could deteriorate our environment for living. We are more likely to face more huge environmental issues as long as we continue it. If you are trying to commit yourself to solving these environmental problems, I recommend you review your life and appeal to agricultural and manufacturing industries to stop their environmentally harmful practices.
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