Television advertising directed toward young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed.

Some people think that Television advertising directed toward young children should not be allowed. I definitely agree with the above statement and will support my viewpoint in the upcoming paragraphs. Firstly, the brain of a young child isn’t fully developed. A young child aged between two to five does not have the mental capacity to differentiate between what is good and bad. For instance, the new advertisement for chicken fries is targeted at children by advertising the fries along with an attractive toy. Children see the attractive toy and are unaware of the ill effects of consuming deep-fried foods. I think that nutrition is extremely important and advertisements such as these should not try to market unhealthy food and make them look attractive by selling it along with a toy. Secondly, children are not cost-conscious. For example, the new advertisement for a talking turtle toy is heavily priced at 100 dollars. Toddlers see this advertisement and are immediately amused by the toy and are unhappy until their parents purchase this toy. This toy, however, may not be easily affordable by all parents. When a parent is unable to afford such a toy not only does the child feel sad but also the parent who was unable to fulfill the child’s wish. Therefore, I think that advertisements should not be directly targeted at children as children are unaware of the value of money at such a young age. Lastly, television advertising directed toward young children could be a major source of distraction. For example, the recent advertisement for the new cartoon. The advertisement is short and lasts only a few seconds however the cartoon show has several seasons with plenty of episodes. Children begin to focus their attention on the cartoon and spend hours in front of the television rather than spending their time going out and playing or reading books. I think at a young age it is extremely important for a child to play outside and read knowledgeable books rather than spending time in front of the screen. In conclusion, I strongly believe that television advertising directed toward children should not be allowed as it has several negative consequences and disadvantages.
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