Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays people are more willing to help people they don't know (for example, by giving clothing and food to people who need them) than they were in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples

Some people argue that people in the modern society are self-centered and do not care enough about those in need as much as they did in the old days. However, I strongly disagree with these people, and believe that people are actually assisiting others even more than they did in the past. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will try to substantiate my claim. To begin with, people are in a much better financial postion nowadays and therefore they are more likely to share what they own with others. To calrify, there has been a sharp increase in the household income in the past 100 years and the population of people who live in below the poverty line has decreased substantially. These two, hand in hand, have caused people to be in a better standing to help others without any major disadvantages for themselves, and there is also fewer people who need their help. For instance, a hundred years ago a family could not have spared their bread with a begger because that would have meant that they would not have anything else to eat that day. As a result they were not likely to help unless they were affluent and had a lot of resources at their hand. Today, having something to eat is not that big of a problem and most people would offer a bread without hesistance, in case they were asked. This growth of family incomes is important because it makes it possible for people to be in the place of such comfort that not many experienced in the past, and they are easily able to come to the aid of another human being without any harm upon their own interest. Moreover, media and the internet have played a major role to inform people about the problems in their communities and those who were less lucky. For example, there are always some campaigns on the internet for funding a housing project for homeless, or there are tv programs that make people aware about costs of some rare diseases, and provide a way in which people can help those who are affected. These technologies have made it possible for a person to know issues all over the world and help to solve them if he or she wants to but in the past and the lack of such devices people's awareness and in turn their help was limited to their local neighborhood. Social media and TV are essential in helping peolpe to understand what is going on and most when they find out that there is way for them to help another human being , they would do so. Therefore keeping people informed has caused them to come to the aid of their fellow brothers and sisters more than before. To conclude, while it is dificult to findout whether people help others more now than before, I assert that we experience an increase in assitance in the community nowadays compared to the past. This is because, not only are people in a better position to help but also media and the internet has raised their awareness.
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