Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities?

Every person spends their free time with different hobbies. Some of them like sports, others like in-home activities like knitting or reading. Not many people like dangerous activities and sports, which bring them happiness. The topic of dangerous activities is controversial because they possibly can lead to death or severe traumas. So why do people like these activities, if there’s a possibility of having serious consequences? Personally, I don’t like this kind of activity because I can get a lot of emotions with others activities like sewing, partying, dancing, etc. But I understand why people like them. Dangerous activities such as parachute jumping or climbing bring much stronger emotions than “ordinary” activities. The emotions, which can be got from this type of leisure, are on the border of life and death. Regardless, almost all of these activities are held under supervision but that does not cancel the danger. People intentionally put themselves in dangerous situations to get adrenaline, serotonin, and impressions that they will never forget. If we jump with a parachute from a plane, we will know that we can die due to various reasons, for example, the malfunction of the parachute. We can refuse at any moment, but do we need to do this? This feeling of danger and instinct for self-control are the reasons for addiction to dangerous sports and activities. Can we get these emotions from reading? Of course not, reading is not dangerous at all. A book will never put us in dangerous situations. On the other hand, does it right to permit these activities, if a person can end up in a casket at a cemetery? I think that answer is yes because if they want to do this sports or activities, they understand the consequences. It is their own will and nobody can judge that. Activities that are conventionally permitted, can lead to passing away. If we go to a nightclub, we can get drunk and the effect of alcohol has an outcome with dangerous behavior or intoxication and both of them lead to death. Everyone decides for him/herself what right or wrong for them.
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