A dream, which I could not dream Current political situation with in the country mostly embarrassing people and their plan however few signs of hope are growing as neophyte. The sunshine rays for the development have hardly stepped in the country after the democracy. Unstable government and divide and rule policy between the political parties were among the prime objective within the period. Standing in democracy along with Krishna Prashad Bhattarai to Sher Bahadur Deuba until the citizens have hardly found the leader from their sides. In light of these points, we few things that are possibly our dream in our life time here in Nepal. Our feelings are just in our heart and possibly expressing with lights of positive vibes. I could not dream a dream that a person in presidential position have plate alike with persons in far-eastern hills of Taplejung and from a woman carrying her child in back with a bucket of water in hand from the peaks of Darchula. The taste of their bite revealing the sense of the joy if this exist. Nevertheless, for this time the political propagandas could not envision that situation since leaders have priority of community people. Does a person in presidential house really cares about civilians? If, yes it would be shown in their tone and behavior that they have their heart with people of the country. I could not dream a dream that son of prime minister and the son of a common person, both would get a job with their capabilities and knowledge. Both the candidates are eligible for position and never discriminated due to their belongings. Obviously, how it could be possible in our country and could not be pursued.
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