How the Proposed Study Will Contribute To My Career.

The proposed study will contribute to my career in several ways. First, it will acquaint me with the most recent best practices in the field of information technology that will help me deliver high-quality services to my government. Technology is a dynamic field, and new methods and practices emerge now and then. The study will not only help me to update my technological skills but also impart higher-level skills and competencies that will allow me to perform leadership roles in my country's public service within the IT realm. Furthermore, the proposed study will also make me an authority in the field of informational technology. I will not only provide IT services to the country but also undertake training roles. It will help me to train others to drive the country's e-governance agenda. There is a shortage of people who can provide basic e-governance training in my country, and I believe that this course will help me qualify as a trainer who will impart skills and competencies to thousands of civil servants in my country as it undertakes that radical shift to e-governance. The proposed study will also help me research e-governance practices that policymakers and decision-makers will use to drive the proposed e-governance agenda in my country. The course will equip me to be sources of knowledge that is crucial in helping the government realize its technological objectives.
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