Some people think that human needs for farmland, housing, and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals. Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

The majority of people think that abandoning the endangered animals' land is good for using this space for farming, housing, and industry. Personally, I contended that humans do not need more space, we just need to use this smarter. There are several supporting sentences for this which I will discuss in the following essay. Granted, the world seems to be an ever-increasing space to claim more lands for housing, farms, and industry but the truth is that those demands can be met while also preserving wild animals. There is a vast amount of farmland throughout the world. Despite this vast amount of food, many people are still starving. This is because food is not correctly distributed throughout the world. You can find places that have excess food and this food is thrown into landfills every day. However, many places suffer from a lack of food and they have to import their food from other countries. For this reason, if we use these lands smarter and more carefully, the crops will be grown in their specific places and the other places will be for endangered animals. Moreover, almost of people live in places near farming, housing, and industry lands regardless of the far low-density areas. People do not want to live in a harsh environment and start a new life or invest the undeveloped lands. They always need ready land to start their new life on it. however, these far cities can be used in industry for instance to invest the other land for endangered animals. On the other hand, the factories will be far away from houses and this will not pollute the population areas. Not only distribution of land is not correct but also the usage of this land is definitely wrong. Many people throw their rubbish on the land and others buy land to build more houses while there is no need for these alternatives. So, these lands can be used correctly by using this free space in saving endangered animals. Do you know the endangered animals' land can be increasing the notional income? Many people and tourists will come to see this land to see endangered animals so the government will use the vast money from this area for industry, farming, or housing. In a nutshell, the problems of land space are truly poor use rather than a lack of area. If the land will be used smarter, there are more projects will be found and more spaces will be dedicated to endangered animals.
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