Some people spend their time in one place. Others move a number of times throughout their lives, looking for a better job, house, community or even better climate. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Some people prefer spending their entire lives in one place. They cite that living everyday life in one place make the life more stable and comfortable. From my perspective, moving a number of times throughout their lives is a better lifestyle, at least for my generation. It is my firm belief that a change in lifestyle can improve your job, salary, your community or even climate. I will support my viewpoint with three reasons. First and foremost, changing to various places can allow you to diverse your daily routine. For example, you can visit new places. Moreover, you can find new machines that is not available in your city. for instance, you can go to the gym to practice new sport. Secondly, by spending your time in different place, you may increase your business. For instance, when I traveled from Sharkya to Cairo, I found a new job. Then my salary was increased. Moreover, I gained new skills from my new colleagues. This let me gain a vast amount of relationships and I created my own business. Furthermore, travelling enables people to exchange their culture. As science food is a part of a culture, so you gain new recipe or try new food as well. Moreover, you may breathe clear air from the new place. Besides, the climate there may be moderate not too hot or too cold. In a nutshell, the variety in all fields is important to grow your skills, ability and business as well. Further, moving to different accommodation is much better because you can attain new experience and an enjoyable life.
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