Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific methods proposed in the reading passage.

Both the reading and the lecture talk about solution to the declining number of frogs. The passage proposes solutions to solve this problem because it has negative impact on humans lives. While the professor thinks the mentioned solutions are not practical. In the following essay this solutions are discussed. First, the author declares that declination of the frogs number is due to the chemcials used for preventing crops from damaging , which these pesticides enters the frogs' body and attacks their nervous systems. On the other hand, the lecturer believes that the this solution is not economically fair because the limitation of using pesticides are disadvantageous for farmers since they cannot harvest enough products. As a result, they will lose the market to other farmers who are able to sell more products. Second, the text mentions to a fungus that thickens the frogs' skins, which put their lives in danger. It proposes that some kind of medication be taken into account to cure these diseased. In this regard, the lecture opposes this, saying that this treatment should be applied to each frog individually, which needs to capture each then apply the treatment. Also, it doesn't prevent that the cured frogs don't pass the disease to their offspring. So, this should be applied for each generations. Finally, the writer thinks that because human used excessive water, the habitats of frogs are in danger. Conversly, the woman thinks that the biggest threat to diminishing number of wetland is global warming and prohibiting people to limit their water use doesn't have significant effect on increasing the number of frogs' habitats.
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