Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology has made children less creative than they were in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Children are the most important part of every society because they can build or destroy the future of society, so children's abilities and skills are significant. One of the critical characteristics of children is their imagination. . Responsible parents are concerned about factors that affect children's imaginations . In modern life, technology is an inevitable part of individuals' lives; as a result, children are susceptible to that in the first years of their lives, and it can be an influential parameter. While some people believe that it is so beneficial for children to use technology, others think that technology can be harmful to children's creativity . I personally believe that technology declines children's imagination, and I have a couple of reasons. First of all, technology does not give a chance to children for thinking. In the past, if children were facing a problem, they thought about that and tried to make a new way to solve the problem, but these days just after any issue, children surf the internet and find the solution from other people's investigations. It decreases the children's imaginative ability for problem-solving. Additionally, most children spend their time on technological devices instead of more beneficial activities. Children's interaction with others improves their creativity . When a child communicates with other children, they have some challenges with each other due to the opposite idea; after a while, they think about their disagreement and find how to tolerate the opposite view. It can enhance their creativity . These days children waste their moment on video games without communicating with others. To sum up, technology has some harmful effects c children's creativity . At first , it gives a prepared answer to all of the children's questions, and they do not think and exercise to be creative. secondly, technology wastes children's worthwhile life and they do not have enough time to interact with others, then children can not learn how f ace to opposite ideas in society with their creativity .
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