Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A mother is more essential to a child’s upbringing than a father. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The effect that gender has on being a good parent has always been a highly debated topic. I consider that a child would benefit a lot more from a maternal figure than a paternal one. I have this opinion for to reasons, which I am going to explore in the following paraghraphs. To begin with, in almost all species of animals, the female is the one that takes care of her offsprings, while the male doesn't stick around until his offsprings begin their lives. For example, I have never seen a male, stray dog take care of his children, while I have seen a lot of female, stray dogs feeding and protecting their newborns. This is happening because animal females are better equiped for taking care of younglings than males are. They have one or more pairs of mammary glands that are perfect for feeding newborn animals. The fact that evolution made animals this way, can mean only one thing: the most efficient and succesful way in which one can make sure that ones offsprings survive is for the mother to take care of her neborns, while the father goes away to mate again. If this method of raising children has proven itself to be functional, I belive that the mother is more essential than a father to a child's life. Secondly, women have higer emotional inteligence than males, and are much better at understanding emotions based only on facial expressions. A newborn child is not yet able to speak, so it is essential that whoever takes care of him or her, can easily understand his or her facial expressions. If the caretaker doesn't correctly understand the child's needs, and doesn't feed him, the child can die of starvation. Women are also less violent than males, so the probability that a mother would harm her child is much lower, than in the case of a father. For example, when I got bad grades in school, my father would hit me, while my mother would just yell at me. I belive that mothers are better mentally prapared to take care of children, than fathers are. In conclusion, I strongly belive that the role of a mother is, by far, more important than the role of a father in the raising of a child because nature has organized itself, such that the mother is the one that takes care of her offsprings, and women are more empathetic towards children.
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