Do you Agree or Disagree? Playing computer games is the waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Childhood is the age when children are more curious about to learn several things. In this contemporary world, advancement in computers has brought both significant, and detrimental effects on children. Some believe that children lose their valuable time by playing various games in the computers, so children should kept away from such digital games. In my opinion, I am completely in accord with the given idea. This monograph will explain my reasons to support that statement along with credible examples. To commence, children in this era are more inclined toward playing virtual games because of that they are losing their valuable time. To clarify this, computer games create an addiction to children. Once they get involves in these games, they will cling to it. Most of the children are spending their extra time by playing such games, as a result, they are not focusing well on their academic work. These games are responsible for making children poor performers in school, as they are losing their focus and concentration from studies. Children should be prevented from such addiction on time, by allowing them more fruitful opportunities. I want to mention the example of my own nephew to elaborate on this, my nephew was good at mathematics when he was unaware of these games. He used his vacation by practicing and doing mathematics assignments. Once he got involved in these games his grade was drastically reduced because he was not practicing well. Therefore, computer games are responsible for stealing time from children by creating an addiction to them. In addition, computer games emit various lights which impair the children's visual ability. To explain this further, children who play these types of games face many health-related issues because of that, they have to allocate their time for regular check-ups. Moreover, children may not have sufficient time to focus on studies which probably leads to poor academic performance. Children get mentally retartded and lose enthusiasm for their studies. For example, many young children are dropping their school at a young age because computer games them psychologically and physically weak. Thus, I think playing computer games is the waste to time. In conclusion, spending a lot of time by playing computer games creates addiction and makes children weaker by developing several health-related problems because of which they are losing valuable time for their development.
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