It is commonly believed that in life, success is not the most important thing; it is more important to remain happy and optimistic when we fail. Do you agree with that idea?

The passage and the lecturer both discuss the three principles of increasing sales. The author mentions three principles or points in his passage. The lecturer, challenges these points made in the passage with his own points as well. The passage mentions that making more calls to potiential buyers increases the likelihood of goods being purchased. The lecturer opposes this fact, saying that this is can also make the customer feel pressured and ultimately, in the long run, reduce the cost of sales. The passage also states that contacting people who hold high positions in an organization is effective in increasing sales.The lecturer, howewer, asserts that there should be an even distribution of calls to various people, both high and low in the organization. Lastly, the passage states that closing is the most important part of a sale.The passage also says that rushing a customer is not a great idea except there is a state of urgency. In contrast, The lecturer mentions that the choice of buying is based on the customers thinking and it is good to close a conversation at the right time to avoid pressuring a customer.
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